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#Monsanto Documentary : Poison And Genes

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Monsanto invents, produces and sells genetically modified seeds. As a chemical producer of saccharin and caffeine founded in 1901, Monsanto (and Dow Chemical and Diamond Shamrock) manufactured the higly poisenous herbicide and defoliant Agent Orange for the war in Vietnam which was excessivly used. About 80 000 m³ of Agent Orange was sprayed across South Vietnam. 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to agent orange, resulting in 400,000 deaths and disabilities, and 500,000 children born with birth defects. Agent Orange also increases the risk of various types of cancer and genetic defects. Shortly after the Vietnam War veterans reported various health complications which can be traced to exposure to Agent Orange. No Vietnamese have ever received any kind of compensation.

Monsanto produces Posilac, a hormone to increase milk production of cows. In the US it is used on a third of all dairy cows. In Canada and in Europe it is prohibited because of many side effetcs and deseases.

Monsanto is world leader in the field of bio-engineering and has branches in 46 countries. 90 percent of the cultivated genetically modified organisms, including soybeans, canola, corn and cotton, are Monsanto patents. The practices of this company worldwide under criticism. "They want to control everything and seed make all the food production in the world their property," says a farmer on Monsanto,

Cotton cultivation in India. Monsanto owns nearly all seed companies. The farmers can only buy genetically modified BT cotton seeds, four times as costly. This BT cotton is resistant against some pests, but new, previously unknown diseases accured. Every year farmers have to take large loans to buy seeds and then go bankrupt. They are left broke to starve, every year, hundreds of them commit suicide. The local agricultural scientists speak of a disaster.

This an indirect consequence of what was promoted as boon green genetic engineering, Even the U.S. soyafarmers are afraid of Monsanto: "Monsanto spread fear and terror among the farmers."

Monsanto holds patents on genetically enginerered seeds - a kind of copy protection - which allowed the farmers do not to retain any harvest for the next year. To check the fields of farmers,
Monsanto has a "gene police", Monsanto also offers "terminator seeds", hybrid seeds, which after harvesting cannot be used again again for sowing.

Since 1999, Monasanto has fortified and expanded it's dominant position, with acquisitions for more than 13 billion U.S. dollars for seed companies and significant patents on genetic engineering methods and genes. Everywhere in the world today are transgenic organisms from Monsanto.

This documentary is based on unpublished documents and comments from victims, scientists, representatives of citizens groups, lawyers, politicians and representatives of state, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Director Marie-Monique Robin spent three years on the research. She went to North and South America and in Europe and Asia, and spoke with farmers in India, Mexico and Paraguay, to reconstruct the history of today's most powerful seed producer in the world.

The advertising campaigns showing the image of a clean and environmentally friendly company of "science for life" gets deep cracks.

Can basic food be a target of global trading company? A merciless hunter for monopoly and market leadership striving company?